The following are things that will NOT be tolerated on the message board or in any of the IRC channels:

Harassing other users
Flooding or Spamming
Abuse of the Services or Servers
Abuse of this Network or the Network of any User
Distribution of any Virus/Trojan/Worm/Drones/etc.
Running any bots or servers on a machine that you do not own
Running any servers that are offering stupid and/or blatantly
illegal material (e.g. Kiddie Porn, Bomb Making Plans, etc.)
No use of "file leecher" bots
No running spambots named laserlamp if your name is James Riley

If you observe these rules being violated, notify a Moderator or a
Channel Op (people with @ in front of their names), or join
#operhelp and one of the network operators will help you. All
decisions as to what constitutes a violation of the rules will
rest first with the operator of the channel or the moderator of
the forum in which it occured, and then with the Administrators of
the network.

We are all here to have fun. If your actions are causing another
user to NOT be having fun, then you will be removed and will have
to go sit in time-out just like you were in pre-school all over
again. You don't have to act like an adult all the time, just be
considerate of other people.

If people follow these rules, this will be an enjoyable place to
get together and talk about the things that interest us - and
isn't that why you're here in the first place?

If you belive you were banned from the network wrongly,
please email spam -AT- full details.