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Isaac "Chef" Hayes, who made public that he was leaving South Park last month due to a the fact that Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the shows creators, made an episode making fun of his religion Scientology, today announced in an exclusive interview with TVEps that this not the whole truth.

In the season ten premier of South Park two weeks ago, Hayes' character was the butt of every joke on the show, and eventually, by the end, died a horrific death. At the funeral, the characters all paid respects to Chef, noting that he was a great person, "the jolly old guy who always broke into song. The guy who gave us advice to live by." The episode then went on to show the rising of "Darth Chef."

Now to get the full story you have to consider an interview Hayes did right after the episode aired that he supposedly quit over. In the Interview on XM Radio with Opie and Anthony Hayes said, "One thing about Matt and Trey, they lampoon everybody. If you take that **** serious, then Ill sell you the Brooklyn bridge for $2."

Now, after the first two episodes of the season have aired, Hayes comes clean. "The whole quitting thing was Matts idea. They were just starting their 10th season and were looking for a great idea to spark renewed interest in the show, and it did! The first two episodes of this season got some of the highest ratings ever! At the end of the episde, "The Return of Chef", Darth Chef rises, and thats the character I will now be playing. I cant go into more details, but lets just say that you are in for a treat in the next several episodes."

Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and Comedy Central could not be reached for comment.

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