TVEps has been around for almost three years now run by the kindness
of the operators and funded out of our pockets. Each month to run
this network hundreds of dollars are spent in bandwidth/hosting bills.
We are asking our users to donate anything they can afford to keep
this place going.

Every dollar counts.

If you are a regular user consider donating just a dime a day.
Thats about $3 for a month of use.

Or if you can afford more consider a quarter a day or $7.75 for a month.

If you are a one time user and found some use in the network please
say thank you by donating $1 to keep this place going.

Thank you so much and we hope to keep this place running for quite some time,
TVEps Staff

Each donation of $15 or greater gets a vhost for life.

Whats a vhost? Here is an example:

* yournick ( has joined #Lobby

* yournick (blah@I.have.a.COOL.domain.NAME.but.NOT.really) has joined #Lobby

If you donate $15 or more and would like a vhost please contact Urgo in #Lobby
after donating.
A donation of $50 or more gets you a Southpark-ish T-Shirt. After you place
your donation please email with your address, T-Shirt Size, cotton
or non-cotton pref, and which shirt you want.

Shirt 1

Shirt 2

Money Raised: $55
Most Recent People who donated THANK YOU!:
Doug M.
Previous Donors 2003-Oct 2007 ($210):
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