The IRC network is THE place to go to talk about all of your favorite TV shows. There are five options that you can use to start chatting now:

1) If you have mIRC 6.0.1 or later installed, simply click this link.

2) If you have an IRC client already, simply point it to, and press connect. If you need help once you are connected, simply join #operhelp (by typing /join #operhelp) and one of our friendly operators will be glad to help you. If you don't have a client but would like to get one, a simple and popular client is mIRC, and it can be downloaded from

3) If you need a IRC client download the TVEps customized version of mIRC.

4) If you do not have an IRC client and do not wish to download one, you can simply click here to use our java-based IRC client. Please note that you will not have all the functionality that you would with a normal IRC client.

5) If you do not have java installed or cannot use the java client, you may use an html only client by clicking here.

6) If you need SSL help, please check here